Monday, September 19, 2011


Wowza! This is my one hundredth post as a blogger. I have had a lot to write since casting my words onto the Internet in January 2010. I am grateful to people around the world who read this blog; I strive to make the entries interesting and post on a regular basis.

I’m just an opinioned 40-something single female residing in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, USA. I grew up in a small farming community and moved to the metro area for post-secondary education. My life is rather boring except for the odd antics of my two cats, Zozo and Tillie. I enjoy gardening, reading, and all things creative. Self-declared political perennial with social-liberal and fiscal-moderate leanings that votes in every election. I’ve actively volunteered on numerous campaigns and for special causes, though I have never desired to run for an elected position.

I’m an “actionist” I volunteer, give in-kind gifts, and donate money to non-profit organizations (NGOs). Per example, due to my current restricted financial status, in addition to volunteering on a weekly basis, I have been donating extra produce from my garden to others. My family does not reside nearby so I help friends, neighbors, and strangers. I am compelled to assist; I cannot stand idly by and watch others suffer. I have been trained in emergency response, first aid, and carry a disaster response kit in my auto. I do what I can until someone with more training arrives. I am a citizen of this planet and it is my duty to help.

I worked my own way through college (no scholarships or help from family), saved money to buy an auto, paid off enormous student loans, saved money for a house, and now am in huge debt with an abode that is losing value. I love being in a home with a small yard but I worry about the mortgage payment and repairs on the nearly hundred-year-old structure. I generally work for non-profit or educational agencies but have been without a job since July 2010. It is quite disconcerting to seek employment for so long. I have sent out nearly three hundred resumes and been on nine interviews. I possess education and experience but “No” is the consistent reply. I worry that I will lose my home if I don’t find a job soon. I want to work. I have had to delay home repairs, eyeglasses, dental work, auto repairs, and spaying the cat. I only purchase absolute necessities and fear a financial catastrophe. Even my underwear has holes…

Animistic Universalistic with a dash of Atheism is my spiritual outlook. I don’t think that any organized religious sect can state that it has all the answers. I’m a geek with some social skills. Alas, no beau at this time. I always expected to be a parent but don’t want to do it on my own. Since I’m over 40, my hopes for marriage and children have dimmed. I don’t mind being alone but sometimes I feel lonely. It would be wonderful to at least be dating a nice man. I’m plump and sassy but not always happy. I strive to remain positive in a world that dwells on the negative.

I consider myself fortunate, even though life isn’t what I expected. What I write is real, my personal memoir. I only use a pseudonym because I know a couple bloggers who have been harassed. Since I live on my own and am seeking a job, I can’t take that risk. Please feel free to give feedback about my opinions. I’d be most honored if you would join as a Follower on Blogger, friend me on Facebook, and connect via Twitter. I enjoy learning about your life, too.

Thanks and please continue reading!
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