Sunday, February 12, 2012


Well, its official now, I no longer count because my Unemployment Benefits are exhausted as am I. 451 resumes, seventeen interviews, five phone interviews (does not include those which led to an in-person meeting), two tests, and eight online questionnaires have yielded no positive result. Frustratingly depressing especially since some human resources personnel are rude enough not to even send me a rejection email or letter after contact. I don’t expect communication when I mail a resume but I do when I spend the time with a questionnaire or attend an interview.

I blame the United States Congress for the horrible economy. They deregulated the banks, which caused too much financial risk. Greed sank the American economy to line the pockets of the uber wealthy aka 1%, but it extends to the top 10%* income bracket. The corporate guilty parties go unpunished and the wealthy don’t pay their fair share of taxes. Congress has not done enough to re-regulate banks or tax the rich. Big businesses control the United States, even though they are not people. Regular humans don’t matter anymore. That is why is it essential for every citizen to get involved in politics. We can take back the power aka Occupy Wall Street. Don’t elect corporate puppets. Work on behalf of candidates who actually support regular people. Donate time, money, and most importantly vote for moderate candidates who represent the bottom half of the economy aka regular people. is helpful.

I’m in the bottom tier of low-income. I have a Master degree and experience but can’t find a job. My journey began in June 2009 when my full time job was cut to part-time. Located a full-time position in April 2010 but got fired in July. Total unemployment since July 2010 is abysmal. I take responsibility for being imperfect but I did not deserve to be fired. I’m angry with myself for my flaws.

My days are consumed with job search. I continue to seek even though no longer counted by the government. I registered with temporary agencies to provide some income, will sell my stuff, not buy anything except absolute essentials, and hold my breath until I procure employment. My heart has begun to flutter and I’m sure it’s due to stress. I struggle to remain optimistic. Sorry to be bitter today but I need to be honest.

I hated being on the dole aka Unemployment. I’d much rather be working, paying taxes, and making donations to others. I haven’t been sitting on my arse waiting for someone to give me a hand out. I have been actively seeking employment. I feel angry when people assume otherwise.

*Note: There are some exceptionally generous wealthy people in America. They should be praised for their assistance to others and contributions to nonprofit organizations. However, they comprise a minority of the top 10-25% income earners.

Will work for money.
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