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Most recent review was posted January 2nd.

Anshu by Juliet S. Kono Four and a half worms
Sorrowful tale of wartime woes capturing the horrible impact on Japanese civilians. Haunting examination of the main character’s development. Brilliantly written prose about the struggle to survive. The final chapters could have been expanded a bit. I hope there will be a continuation of the story.

Driftless by David Rhodes Four worms
Bewitching language. Reminded me of home. Aptly describes many people I knew who reside in tiny towns or where the town is only a collection of memories. Beautiful descriptions but the book was a bit too crowded. It might have been a bit better to divide into two parts and flesh out some of the chapters. Stunning work.

Flash and Bones by Kathy Reichs Three and a half worms
Well written with humor in addition to the macabre scene at NASCAR. Romance was not nauseating as most female writers overdo this aspect of their novels. More details needed for the murderer. Odd that all the characters were assumed to be Caucasian unless indicated otherwise. Q and A at the end of the book was interesting; I hadn’t realized that this was the inspiration for a television series Bones. The tv character barely resembles the book, they should have given her a different name.

Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson Three and a half worms
Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws for Robotics are ignored by a frighteningly possible scenario. What do humans sacrifice by intensive reliance upon computers and machines? Author disregarded the entire Southern Hemisphere and there is always a rear facing guard. If the story had been structured a bit differently, it would have been more readable. Don’t give away the ending in the first chapter.

The Good Muslim by Tahmima Anam Two and a half worms
War is horrible and its terrible legacy continues to haunt the survivors. The final chapters were brilliant. Would have been better as a linear chronology instead of jumping in-between two time periods. Some chapters were unclear with the identity of the narrator, which made it very confusing.

Song of the Silk Road by Mingmai Yip Two and a half worms
Schmaltzy romance novel with bit of erotica. Main character could have used more development. Gaps were obvious. Why are the central characters always beautiful?

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