Friday, February 24, 2012


“A dream itself is but a shadow,” mused Hamlet (First Folio II.2.260). Thought that I’d record the dreams I remember and try to figure out the message.

Dream A:
Lying on the grass in my parent’s backyard about ten feet from the house. Sleeping on my back with my current cat Tillie snoozing on top of me. Awoke to see a huge black bear swipe at my childhood dog Toto and standing next to a swing set. I grabbed the cat that was on a leash and ran for the back door. Managed to get the cat and I in the house. Called the police. Watched the bear leave my parent’s yard. Called the neighbors to warn them as the dog got up. Awoke from the dream. Odd to dream of dreaming.

Interpretation of Dream A:
Love being outside, sleeping in the sunshine. Love my cat and miss my dog. Wish that I had kids but afraid that a monster would kill them. The loyal dog would try to defend but could not defeat the monster. Probably due to childhood sexual abuse by my step-grandfather.

Dream B:
Hotel with my friends. A few months before I had given a black & white feline to friends who wanted a cat. They brought both their cats to the hotel and the cats got out and roamed the hallways. We caught one but the black & white tabby was gone. I was more distraught than my friends. I kept looking and gave hotel staff money to help me find her. It wasn’t until a few days later at dinner that my friends admitted that they had given the cat away because they didn’t like it. I was angry. I would have taken the cat instead of them giving it away. The weather was cold but I demanded to be taken to the hotel, packed and left.

Interpretation of Dream B:
Fear of rejection, lies, and deception by people I thought that I could trust. Intellectually, I know that once you give a gift to someone it is theirs to decide the fate. If they don’t want it and regift it, that is okay. However, I seem to have a strong attachment to cats. I think it is because I am lacking in human affection. I really need a boyfriend!

Dream C:
Someone gave me a two-room log cabin tree house with 25,000 acres of woods and mineral rights near Calgary, Canada. I was suspicious so I hired a lawyer to determine if the gift was legitimate and any complications. None were found and the donor had contributed an additional million dollars to pay for taxes and living expenses. The only catch was that I had to live there for a year. I went to the cabin and it needed repairs. Hired a couple guys and ended up romancing them. End of dream.

Interpretation of Dream C:
I’m always afraid of something that will disqualify me, fear of rejection. Wish that an anonymous person would provide the means for me to continue to write. Home repairs are never done. I need a boyfriend.

Aw heck, I don’t really place a lot of confidence in dream analysis. I’m sure that we only remember a small fraction of the images that flash through our brain while we sleep or exist in semi-consciousness. One theme is the need for a boyfriend. I can only resolve that issue while I am conscious.

Dream On.
© 2012 Ima B. Musing

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