Friday, September 21, 2012


No drag queens but lots of artwork fit for royalty. Leapt around Longfellow neighborhood for the 2012 LOLA art crawl. Lovely weather with light traffic. This year’s map is much more accurate, which made the journey a lot easier. Multitude of artists to visit but alas I wasn’t able to stop at every location.

Despaired that several creators did not have a clear safe outside pathway for the patrons to walk or a profoundly cluttered area inside in which to view the artwork. I just hope that no potential benefactor was injured in these areas and that the homeowner has extensive insurance. It would be positive to indicate on the map the locations that are wheelchair accessible.

Kathryn Clayton and Nicole Fierce continue their development as profoundly talented artists. Both have sustained high levels of creativity after being highlighted in last year’s review. Plus, profiled via Ima’s Artist Illumination, just search their names in this blog. Please check out their websites at and Listed below are some amazing artists from this year’s crawl.

Jessica Zeglin draws sweet little critters, plants, and insects. Who knew that vermin could be so darn cute?

* Lois Jonet designs atmospheric windows, sun-catchers, stepping stones, and fabulous layered glass garden flowers. Truly delightful at
* Mimosa Greer is a talented potter of great proportion at
* Nancy Schultz offers a hand tye-dyed extravaganza of clothing.
* Jack Rumpel forms calm functional stoneware with soft textures. Terrific urns, nice yard, and hospitable host.
* Chris Miller creates whimsical glass on glass mosaics, and terrific cityscapes.
* Benito Medina carves kitchen implements and impish jewelry.
* Alice Delaney sculpts colorful concrete garden art.
* Teresa Harsma crafts delicate paper & wire earrings and decorative books. 507-455-3677

LOLA information is posted at I apologize for the much belated issuance of this review, it has been a busy late summer.

Swarmed by art.
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