Friday, September 7, 2012


It has been terrific to meet the people attending the NAMAC Conference taking place in downtown Minneapolis. The most frequent question that I’ve heard is, “Where is a good place to eat?” There are many wonderful restaurants near the hotel, like Bachelor Farmer and Hell’s Kitchen. If you wish to venture a little further south on Nicollet Avenue, you will enter “Eat Street” which has a variety of flavorful venues ranging from Thai, American, German, Greek, East Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese, and many others. You can take a bus or pedal a bike to any of these terrific places.

Another hotspot for eateries is along Lake Street. You can travel south upon Nicollet Avenue and make a right turn onto Lake. Minneapolis has a large Spanish speaking and Somali population so there are several great eateries. A concentration of restaurants is at the intersection of Lake Street and Lyndale Avenue. You can travel further west on Lake Street to the Uptown area for a more upscale experience, at the intersection of Lake and Hennepin. Swing back north (right turn) onto Hennepin Avenue to access other terrific gastronomic experiences and you’ll return to downtown Minneapolis.

Of course, we are the Twin Cities and St. Paul has fabulous restaurants, too. There is a terrific Hmong fleaW-market at the intersection of Como Avenue with Marion Street. Don’t let light rail construction deter you from visiting the University Avenue plethora of eateries. Ask a “local” person for advise regarding a good restaurant and you’ll encounter the Minnesota Nice experience.

As for after-hour activities, we offer an impressive array of entertainment. Peruse the website for art specific activities or just ask a volunteer at the event for ideas. Most bars stay open until 2am so you’ll find lots of music to enjoy.

Have a great time!
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