Friday, September 14, 2012


Excited about a second interview with a nonprofit. .75 FTE but enough pay to just cover my monthly bills. I was optimistic. First interview went really well. Received a call the next day to schedule number two. Arranged to meet at their other office.

I departed from my current part-time job a little early to prep for the interview and drive to their office (15 miles from my job). Arrived early which gave me time to prepare. Waited, waited, and no one arrived at the time of the interview. I called the Human Resources person’s office, no answered so I called her cell. She said that the location was switched back to the first office and since I hadn’t confirmed the people were on their way. Waited, waited, no one arrived. Finally, the person who would be the supervisor called a co-worker who was holding a class at the site where I was abandoned. She was angry with me for not getting the message. What? Excuse me, but it was she or the HR person’s responsibility to confirm the location change. They left a message for me at home and sent an email; I don’t do personal stuff at work so I never received the information. Why did they contact me only a few hours before the interview? If anything, they should have left a message at the second office in case I arrived there.

I was so irritated that I didn’t call them the next morning because I would have been rude. I did leave a voicemail for the HR person in the afternoon about rescheduling. I had to go out of town so I left her another voicemail with my cell number the next day, just to be courteous. I come home to find a message that they decided to go with another candidate and cancel with me. What bastards! Unprofessional to mess with a candidate. I will never apply there again or donate and warn other people to avoid that place.

The economy is getting better but it’s been profoundly difficult to procure gainful employment. My savings are quickly dwindling after three+ years of under & unemployment. I have started going through my stuff to see what I can sell for cash. I choose to be financially self-reliant. I don’t expect anyone to take care of me. It isn’t pride; it’s about being responsible for myself. Dang nab it, I just want to work and pay my bills without stress. Is that too much to ask??

Will work full-time for money.
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