Sunday, October 21, 2012


Barack Obama and Joseph Biden will be procuring my vote on November 6th, 2012. They are the better choice. Granted, I’ve been disappointed. The sluggish economy is reliant upon global issues so only a part of the system hinges upon the Presidential Administration. The President needs the cooperation of the US Congress to alter laws to protect the investor and rev up the economy. Unfortunately, the current Congress has been profoundly obstinate and refuses to compromise in a mature manner. If they behave that irresponsibly at home, no Members of Congress will remain in a long-term relationship.

At least Obama did get the Health Care Reform bill passed, aka Obamacare. It will have a positive impact as it gets implemented. My part-time employer doesn’t offer me health insurance. I am terrified if something bad would happen. I haven’t been to a medical doctor for over three years. The French health care system is the most logical model so hopefully the US will tweak our system to match their success.

Executive Orders have accomplished a lot. Ending the ridiculous “Don’t Ask: Don’t Tell” policy in the military is an achievement. Expanding open job positions for women in the military is tremendously powerful. Implementing the auto buy-back program to encourage people to dispose of their gas-guzzlers was terrific (wish I would have had the funds to participate). Lots of good work, despite the childish Congress. I do hope they bring in more “out of the Beltway” people into the Administration. Washington, DC has morphed into a nasty conceited zone. The Beltway strangles the rest of the country because it’s arrogance and blindness to reality. The real United States exists outside of the Beltway and coastal minions.

Unaffiliated is my political choice. I have been a member of the Democrats, Independents, and flirted with the Socialist Greens. I’m a social liberal and fiscal moderate. I don’t really fit into any major political group. I have served as the Head Election Judge, volunteered for numerous political campaigns, and been the State Chairperson of a couple large political groups. When the partisan bickering became poisonous about ten years ago I quit. I didn’t want my personal life bandied about and the advent of the Internet has its drawbacks regarding rumors and hatemongering. I still vote, though.

Vote for Obama-Biden
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