Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Its so difficult to find parking, oh the line is so long, whine whine, moan moan. Enough already! Voting is your civic duty. You owe it to your ancestors and every single person who has suffered, sacrificed or died to obtain or maintain American democracy. My ancestors (with the exception of my Native American heritage) journeyed to the United States hoping for a better life. When a citizen chooses not to vote, they are disrespecting their elders as well as mine.

What is most disturbing is that people who are politically moderate or liberal don’t vote at the same rate as people who are politically conservative. Why? Is it because moderates and liberals are optimists and assume that their candidates and causes will win due to logic? What utter nonsense. The Presidential contest as well as both amendment issues in Minnesota are neck-and-neck this year. What will matter is the actual vote. Don’t do absentee balloting unless you absolutely have to because if you mess up the outer envelope, it will be rejected.

Grab a cup of coffee and a neighbor/roomie and venture to your polling place on Tuesday, November 6th. Due to redistricting, make certain that you are going to the correct location. The polls are open for thirteen hours, 7am to 8pm. The lines tend to be longest in the morning so visit during lunchtime or after work. Consider it as entertaining as the State Fair, terrific for people watching. Bring leftover Halloween candy to share with people waiting in line. Make it a little party. Maybe you’ll procure new friends or meet someone cute. Smile, laugh and celebrate wearing the “I Voted” sticker. It would be terrific if business owners would give away a free dessert or cup of coffee/tea to people wearing the sticker on Election Day. I’ll be working as an Election Judge.

www.vote411.org for polling location finder, do it before you go to vote!

VOTE November 6th!
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