Sunday, June 23, 2013


London Falling by Paul Cornell Three and a Half Worms
Beginning chapters confusing with cover, real, and nicknames used by the same character. Story wanders rather incongruously for several chapters until melding with the supernatural. The story finally builds into an out of the ordinary sci-fi plot.

The Old Turk’s Load by Gregory Gibson Three Worms
Late 1960’s tale of sex, drugs, but few references to music. Story rocks and rolls with stolen goods and people seeking to take advantage of each other. Some sections are a bit murky but it is an entertaining yarn.

Under Tower Peak by Bart Paul Three Worms
Minimalist modern-day cowboy and bad people story. Interesting twist on an old theme. Predictable and brief. Good for a summer holiday novel.

There was an Old Woman by Hallie Ephron Two and a Half Worms
Treachery and familial treason wrapped around elderly women. Narrative flip-flops between stories, which barely blend together. The villains could have been more hideous.

Pacific by Tom Drury One Worm
Character sketches are promising but not fully developed. Intertwining stories do not connect enough. The book seems unfinished.

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