Sunday, June 9, 2013


Screeching non-rhythmic mayhem best describes some types of currently popular music. The more things change the more they remain the same since I suppose adults have been saying that for years. I recently chaperoned a youth dance. It was an open event for junior and senior high students as well as home-schoolers. Fifty to one hundred youth were expected in view of the fact that only seventy-five participated last year but nearly two hundred passed through the event.

The clothing ranged from fancy to ridiculous. Kids wore formal gowns, suit-n-ties, costumes, and pajamas. Females seemed to either be wearing six-inch heels that made them stand on their toes or run around barefooted. The only rule was no nudity, which thankfully was not violated. Goth is rather overwrought but was trendy with part of the crowd. I presume that few schools would permit Goths to express their inner darkness. Steampunk is much more elegant. The oddest were Furries, the innocent kind, where kids wore their favorite animal costume. Note: adult Furries have secret hatches built into their costumes for anonymous groping. Eww.

The music was loud and the dancing odd. Kids enjoyed “storytelling” or fashionable performance art. The audience formed a circle around the performers who danced a spontaneous story while the other kids cheered. Practically every kid joined in a line dance, which was an updated version of a popular one that I attempted during high school. Oldie but goodie… egads, how did I become middle aged? I wish that I had their physical energy.

No drugs, alcohol or chemical substances were permitted. However, one group of older teens arrived drunk or high and were escorted out. Another pair of older teens brought along a flask, which was emptied and they were expelled for alcohol consumption. No fights marred the event. Some drama occurred but that is the emotional roller coaster of youth. The vast majority of young ones had fun, which was the goal of the evening.

The organizers of the event didn’t prepare very well. I wasn’t informed that chaperones needed a background check until the afternoon of the affair. I managed to get approved but it was rather jarring to learn of at the last moment. The committee needed to assign one or two people to take the lead in coordinating the decorations, food, and chaperones. Registration was organized and worked well but the rest of the night was rather chaotic. I was happy to arrive to my quiet home.

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