Monday, July 8, 2013


The garden has been abysmal this year. During 2012 I had a bumper crop since everything was planted by the first of May. This year the roots have been rotting and killing the plants or lack of sunlight and warmth has delayed the growth. Several tomato plants died from root rot, which is extremely unusual since tomatoes love water.

My harvest has consisted of chives and rhubarb. Peas are only now starting to produce. The broccoli is growing well but that is about it. I placed potatoes in pots to make them easier to harvest and they are thriving probably since the excess water readily drains. Unfortunately, a lot of the water has been leaking into my basement.

The hostas are huge. A lot of jack-in-the-pulpit seeds germinated so they are blooming throughout the shaded areas of the garden. This is the first year that a variety of deep purple irises are blooming, whereas other flowers aren’t doing well at all. I just hope that the native perennials have the ability to survive the excessive moisture. Last year it was too dry during the late summer and fall and but the pendulum has swung back. Feast or famine.

I fear that Global Warming is irrevocable. We stupid humans have caused the Earth to speed up its normal pondering warming cycle and the results will be catastrophic. The changes have already begun and will only become more extreme. I am fortunate to reside in the middle of the country with access to an aquifer. No wonder wealthy people have been buying large estates in Minnesota and Wisconsin. They are establishing their homesteads to be “off the grid” with solar & wind power, and thermal heating/cooling. The climate change could be sudden and then begin the process of cooling with volcanoes. The spewing of volcanic ash into the atmosphere is the fastest method to cool the planet and start another ice age. I’ll be long dead but it will be horrible for the surviving humans and the unfortunate flora and fauna impacted by our idiotic greedy behavior. We may make ourselves extinct. It would be our own damn fault.

Cool me down.
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