Tuesday, July 23, 2013


IT’S A … does the gender really matter? Third in line to the throne, who cares? What is important is that the child and mother are healthy and that they can live a happy life. They need adequate food, water, shelter, safety, and access to medical care. The child should attend school for free to learn how to read, write, and do basic arithmetic. Hopefully, there is the option for a bright student to further their education to obtain a high school diploma and attend college.

There has been too hype about the British Royal Birth. I do not care. I wish them well, as with all births. They are mere humans, just as we are ALL mere humans. Their pooh smells as bad as everyone else’s. The bestowment of “royalty” is arbitrary. Some ancient relative procured the title and it is handed down to biological heirs. Leadership is not a hereditary trait. We have seen many, many, many examples of that throughout history. Remember W? All "crown heads" should be absolved. Let them just be ordinary people.

Sadly, there are myriad examples of modern day dynasties around the world. A military leader or political leader with military/armed personnel backing overthrows the government and declares himself or herself the President or Prime Minister or Great Leader. They may actually start out well but eventually they fear losing power so they clamp down and harm their own people (Syria, North Korea, et al). They will start a new line of “royalty” by passing along their title to a child. Pitiful. The elite may benefit from this arrangement but the general public suffers.

It’s good to focus on a positive event. However, it would be nice to balance the attention and help ordinary kids in need. For every dollar spent on Royal Birth stuff, two dollars should be donated to charities that help pregnant women and infants. That would have a real impact on the world. Aid the kids who need it the most.

All pooh smells the same.
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