Friday, November 1, 2013


The Lovebird by Natalie Brown Three and a Half Worms
Sweet and melodic story of a young woman finding her own way. Intertwines Native American teachings in a respectful manner. Poetic prose interrupted by lists. A bit disappointing that the main character didn’t continue education.

The Facades by Erick Lundgren Three and a Half Worms
Brilliant writing becomes fuzzy at times. Librarian storyline is very clever and could be expanded. Ending is disappointing.

Ghosts of Bungo Suido by P.T. Deutermann Three Worms
Military fiction of a submarine during WWII. First half of the book is strong and some of the technical terms are not explained. A glossary and map would have been helpful. Second half of the book seems rushed but at least the characters aren’t perfect.

The Corpse Washer by Sinan Antoon Two and Half Worms
Fascinating method to learn about mourning and death rituals of another culture amid war. Book isn’t chronological, tends to ramble at times and could use closer editing. [Translated by the author!]

Paris by Edward Rutherfurd Two Worms
Fictionalized history with a few real characters mixed in with the imagined. Frustrating that it jumps through time, it’s excruciatingly difficult to figure out who is related to whom and how it connects. Females are marginalized and the story lacks vitality.

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