Wednesday, November 13, 2013


My elderly backyard neighbor, Becca, informed me that she is moving in with her daughter and selling the home that she has lived in for 62 years. Becca and several generations of her progeny, who visit her daily, have been good neighbors. They smile, wave, and chat with me over the fence. They have even invited me to their home on occasion. I am sad that she is moving but her health is getting worse and it will be good for her to live with someone. Her hubby died just before I bought my house, over a decade ago. I hope the new people will be nice.

When I first moved in, the neighbors to the north were the first to welcome me. Lori, leaned over the fence and gave me a hug. She and her hubby were elderly but extremely friendly. They frequently invited me over to join in family gatherings. Their daughter lives across the street and she is affable, too. After they died, their grandson purchased the home and resided there for a couple years until his wife demanded a larger home. She is also the person who was smitten by the Twilight series.

There was a single dad with six kids in the house to the south of me when I moved in. They were cordial but not really friendly. Teenage drama can be overwhelming but one of the kids was pleasant and had a beautiful singing voice. Unfortunately, they did not take very good care of their home and decided to move to Atlanta. The new owner rehabilitated the house and was a jerk. He didn’t turn on the water to his house so his contractors stole water from my hose. When I confronted him he played dumb. I threatened to sue since I had eyewitnesses, my other neighbors, so he coughed up some money to pay my water bill. Thankfully, a really pleasant guy purchased the home.

My backyard is actually shared by two neighbors, Becca and Callie. Callie is rather gruff but she will say hello. Callie’s folks live on the other side of her lot so she gets a lot of help from them. I have to admit that I’m rather jealous of people who get assistance from their family. They have a support network that I will never have access to. I might as well be an only-child orphan.

The street that I call home is fairly quiet. I have grown accustomed to the hum and vibration of nearby trains. I can tell when a rail car is out of alignment because it sounds or feels different. It is annoying when the whistle is blown but they only do that when something or someone is on or near the tracks. I hope that there will never be a derailment, especially involving chemical spill or fire.

There is one obnoxious family on the block. A loud mom who raised two loud kids. The daughter got pregnant in high school and just gave birth to child number three. I feel sorry for the kids because the house is always filled with shouts. Eccentrics also reside down the street. They are an odd couple but seem happy together. He likes to ride his bike and sing loudly. She always has a very serious expression but laughs easily. I’ve always been curious about the inside of their home… is it as unique as they are?

I’ve been in my home for over a decade. It is better than renting, despite the challenges. I have never missed a payment though my savings are now almost depleted. I have cut back on all expenses so I now have to sell stuff. I am still desperately seeking a better job so that I don’t have to fear the next mortgage payment. My home is my haven from the harshness of the world.

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