Thursday, November 28, 2013


Severely affected am I when contracting a virus. Thus, I procure a yearly influenza vaccination to ward off the illness. Usually, the injection site is sore but this year was different. A couple days after receiving the shot in the left shoulder the deltoid muscle below the injection site reacted. It was a bit tender and then became extremely sore during the next couple days.

I had to keep my left arm immobile from the shoulder to elbow by holding it against my side. Aspirin was not enough to knock out the inflammation. I dropped by the clinic where I received the injection and the nurse counseled me to ice the shoulder and take pain killers. That provided some relief while I was sitting upright on the couch. I could not sleep that night due to the discomfort. I tried to sleep on my right side, back, and prop the shoulder with pillows. To no avail. Tears would leak, not from sadness, but from pain.

The next day I met with a doctor who advised me to take a large dose of over-the-counter Naproxen Sodium. I procured some from the drugstore and consumed the tablets. It dulled the pain for the evening. The medication eradicated the inflammation and reduced the discomfort. I was able to sleep at least half the night. To my great relief, it worked! I had to take it easy for several days as not to stress the arm but it felt better.

My dad also had a reaction to the 3-strain version of the 2013-2014-influenza vaccine. Perhaps I also responded to what had affected him. I will procure the vaccine in the future, but probably in nasal mist form.

Achoo, the flu!
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