Thursday, February 6, 2014


Is there a correlation between rising sea levels and the increase in volcanoes? It seems logical to me that when the ice caps melt, it will redistribute the water weight and cause the thin crust of the earth to crack, trigger earthquakes, and bring forth lava. It is a balancing mechanism, the eruption spews out ash that blocks the sunlight that then cools the planet and creates more ice... Just an idea, I am not a Vulcanologist or Spock .

If warmth is the absence of cold (because the constant state of everything is cold), does that mean that life is the absence of death/nothingness? It takes energy to create warmth and the electro-magnetic (EM) property of the soul begets life. The EM field powers the Higgs Boson particle which connects us all but what fuels EM? The core of the earth is molten metal, whose twisting turbulence stirs the EM field. The churning heart of the planet, thus, is electromagnetism the Higher Power(s)?

If you believe in fate, that means that you believe in Superior Being(s) which chose your path, correct? You just go along, you have no influence over what occurs to you. If you believe in luck, you figure that you can alter your future with the aide of the ubiquitous “Luck.” What if you believe in both or neither? Perhaps Creator(s) generates a menu of possibilities but you must choose your own option.

The ionosphere rests about 600 miles above the surface of the planet. It contains charged particles that protect the earth from solar radiation and cosmic particles. Lightening flashes upwards to keep the ions positively charged. Does this mean that the ionosphere is heaven? Where is hell? A place devoid or overwhelmed by EM? I don’t know if either exists, I’ve been more existentialistic since my mother died last fall.

Got answers?
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