Monday, February 24, 2014


Our meteorologist who art on TV,
hallowed be thy forecast.
Thy predictions come.
Thy computer-generated images be done
on earth as viewed by radar.
Give us this day our daily temperature,
and forgive us our swearing,
as we forgive those who have better weather,
and lead us not into Polar Vortex,
but deliver us from winter.

For thine is the NWS,
and the low, and high pressure,
for season after season.

NWS = National Weather Service, which provides the raw data to meteorologists. It's all a matter of interpretation and translation, science and art combined. The humorous weather soothsayers are the best! Explore at

PS No offense intended. Any resemblance to other source material is purely coincidental.

Thank you radar!
Copyright © 2014 by Ima B. Musing; All rights reserved

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