Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Light perfume greets visitors entering from the cool spring afternoon. Florists and determined amateurs have interpreted classical and modern visual artists during the annual Art In Bloom (AIB) show at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Happy chatter fills the atrium, as people are relieved to be out of the rain and persistent gray skies to pretend that spring has actually arrived in the Twin Cities.

I procured complimentary tickets to the Henri Matisse exhibit and was fortunate to attend during AIB. Many of the floral displays were stunning and either replicated the artwork with flowers or at least the movement and hue of the inspirational piece. However, some of the displays were very amateurish. It would be amenable if the MIA would hold a workshop for the amateurs to improve their display.

As for the Matisse show, which is visiting from the Baltimore Museum of Art, I was rather disappointed. Many of the pieces seem to be unfinished. Either the body, face, or hue was fabulous but the painting lacked the other two essential elements. He knows how to draw, which was very evident in his early work, but he gets sloppy as his popularity grows.

I tend to walk through each section quickly and then double back to gaze at the pieces that I find intriguing. The gallery was silent as most of the patrons dutifully listened to the audio tour which they rented at the entry point. I liked the Basket of Begonias I and his drawing with paper phase, Perriots Funeral. Matisse’s quotes are interesting. I wish that they were available in postcards.
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