Monday, May 19, 2014


A lot of existence has moved into the “virtual” realm these days. People can do so very much via their smarty-pants device or computer but they still need food, water, clothing, and shelter at minimum. There will always be physical needs but more and more people don’t want to deal with it. A growing number of priviledged people want to remain dependent with a pejorative “serve me” attitude.

It is sad to prefer to spend their time in front of a screen instead of interacting with flesh-n-blood humans. They don’t want to own any objects or invest in relationships. They can order what they want and have it delivered. They are choosing to be a demanding child and not be self-sufficient. This social stratification permits the financially secure to become more self-absorbed and forces the service-workers, like myself, to be trapped by lack of opportunity and suppressed wages.

Stratification always lead to angry uneducated surfs that eventually revolt against the 1% or the wealthy privileged few. The United States of America and several other industrialized countries are showing signs of this divisional weakness; remember the Occupy Wall Street efforts? Since revolt has occurred before, why would the uber-wealthy want this to happen? They could stop the oligarchy from tearing apart our fragile democracy by insisting that all workers are paid a working wage, and that CEOs are not paid an outrageous amount of money. They could give up a little bit of their already enormous wealth instead of turning their heirs into permanent toddlers. “Only 9% of Americans give high ratings to the honesty and ethical standards of CEOs of major companies, according to a 2013 survey [sic] by the Public Affairs Council” (10 Things CEOs Won’t Tell You article by Quentin Fottrell, Wall Street Journal).

The Great Recession, aka 21st Century Depression, isn’t an excuse that can be used to punish employees. Wages for the workers have not increased with the cost of living so more people are more reliant upon food-shelves and other charities. Per my own example, I have struggled with unemployment and underemployment for five years. Sixty grueling months have taken their toll. I am nearly broke and worried about bankruptcy and losing my home. I have an education and experience but can’t land a job that pays enough for my meager bills. Thank goodness, I know how to be frugal or I would have been foreclosed upon long ago.

Being poor causes stress. Fear for the present and future makes it difficult to make wise choices. I suffer increased anxiety, which makes me want to eat to be calm. I don’t sleep very peacefully, my body is in pain a lot, and I am emotionally vulnerable. I am sick and tired of being poor. I don’t need a million dollars, just a job that I am good at with a boss who leaves me alone, nice co-workers, my own office with a door, benefits, and at least 35K per year. However, I do appreciate the kindness of others. I would be honored by your gift at Thank you for your contribution!

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