Saturday, May 10, 2014


Mum visited me in a dream on March 1st. I asked her if she was okay and she said yes. She said that she was 64 again, happy and healthy. When she was alive she would always try to make the other person feel better, even at her own personal cost. If she were unhappy, she would not of told me so that I would not worry. A very troubling dream. I still hope that she is blissful in the next realm, if there is one. Happy Mum’s Day!! I miss her so terribly much.

My grandniece who is three years old was playing and talking loudly, which is not common for her. My niece walked in and asked, “Who were you talking to?” my little niece answered, “Great-grandma.” It is quite possible that my Mum visits wee Amy. Sibling #2 is Amy’s grandma and my sister has a very strong extra perception. Amy’s mom has it too, but it isn’t as strong – or at least she hasn’t told me that it is.

Mum showed up on April 5th, too. My grandmother was trying to convince me to give my television to an acquaintance, Cole, in a dream. Cole is going to graduate school in another state but plans to move back to Minnesota this summer. He and I are friendly but there has never been any hint of romance. I explained to Grandma Daisy that Cole probably already had a tv which was newer than my 20 year old model. Mom just stood there looking nervous. Grandma was adamant. I woke up wondering what they were trying to tell me. I had seen a photo of Cole earlier in the week but he and I rarely communicate. Odd, just plain odd.

I pay attention to specific dreams. I don’t know if they can be accurately interpreted but they are perplexing at times. Most nocturnal visions are quickly forgotten. Sometimes they can be rather erotic, involving the musk of a male. I am just happy to sleep. I am fortunate to procure four to six hours of slumber at night. I toss and turn relentlessly and have to make at least one jaunt to the restroom, usually around 3:30am. Being vexed by a dream only disturbs my sleep.

Sweet Reveries!
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