Thursday, May 22, 2014


I am blessed and fortunate for what I have. I am grateful, though I am not sure if I believe in the existence of a supposed “higher” power(s). I know that my situation could be worse, much worse. If I had a million dollars, well, $100K I would use the funds in the order stated below.

First Priorities:
Pay off Tilly’s medical bill
Pay off my medical bill
Donate to charities, food-shelf and heat-share (which I depend upon now)
Auto, tune-up and 4 new tires
Washing machine procurement
Dehumidifier purchase, due to a wet basement
Fix front walkway (which is a hazard)
Repair shower
Replace rotting garage boards and paint whole garage
Throw a thank you party for my supportive friends

Second Priorities:
Donate to more charities, Garden Hub and my faith community
Buy gifts for my friends
Start college funds for my friend’s children and grand-nieces/nephews
Rebuild my savings and emergency funds
Save for retirement
Pay extra on mortgage
Procure new stove and overhead fan
New clothes and shoes
Travel to visit friends, and grand-nieces/nephews (which I’ve never met)

Third Priorities:
Donate to more charities, any which have helped me during the past five years or focus upon single childless adults
Go to theatre and musical performances
Repair interior of house, install a french drain in basement, fix plumbing and electrical
Exterior house repairs
Procure an electric cat litter box
Build a raised garden bed
Fix my old bicycle or get a new one
Procure a treadmill with slow walking mode for home
Install permanent crowns on my front teeth
Go on a real vacation, without visiting anyone
Relax and enjoy life

Be grateful everyday.
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