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International Woman of Artistry describes the upbringing of Alison Price. She was raised in Britain, Guernsey – Channel Islands, and United States. As a little child she would sit under glass-topped tables and gaze at the patterns of light dancing around the room. Young Alison was constantly drawn to color.

Her luminous artwork reflects the patterns she observed during her youth. The translucent multi-layered effervescent tones jump off the canvas. Breathtaking and electrifying. The work reveals simultaneous movement and meditation. Ms. Price stated, “Color is emotion.” Alison’s paintings are born of passion. Some pieces are quick to gestate and be birthed while others have a longer period of labor before delivery. As the sun sets her creative energy rises. Her favorite paint is Golden because “the products are fabulous.”

Five years ago Ms. Price took a huge risk upon completion of a BA Degree in Studio Arts from Augsburg College. She quit a corporate job. All the creativity that was bottled up for so many years has flowed out in a torrent of success. She sold a collection to the FBI including 35W Bridge Collapse themed paintings and is working on a new sequence regarding the tragic event. Tabatha Coffey of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover reality show fame was impressed by Alison’s work displayed at the Jungle Red Salon Spa & Gallery last summer. The paintings were kept after the salon’s refurbishment and Alison interviewed for Bravo’s new Tabatha Takes Over show. The episode will be premiering on January 10th and was reviewed on January 11th entry of this blog.

Her artwork has been exhibited at several establishments in the Twin Cities and around Minnesota, including the offices of Representative Keith Ellison. Alison is in the third year of collaboration with Ballet Royale Minnesota. The dance company choreographed a piece based on Alison’s artwork that will be performed on February 10th. For more information visit NOTE: The performance was reviewed on the February 16th entry of this blog.

According to Alison, everyone is an artist. Every person has something that they are passionate about. It may be food, music, writing, drawing or any endeavor. Following that passion is the artistic creative process. All people have a gift to share. Ms. Price’s gift is her artwork and the world is blessed.

The Alison Price Gallery is open by appointment, first Thursday evening of every month, and during the Art-A-Whirl Art Crawl at Dock 7 of the Northrup King Building located at 1500 Jackson Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413. Contact her at 612-805-1886, or view her website at Please inform her that you read this article.

Ms. Price won the “Ima Best in Show” award for her display at the 2011 Art-a-Whirl Art Crawl. Read the review posted on June 23rd, 2011. I look forward to watching her give birth to more glorious creations.

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