Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Untitled artwork by Diane Simon

Creating a positive emotional space is the goal of Diane Simon. She specializes in interior design, large canvases, and decorated furniture. Her environments are bright, bold, and brassy. No room for sorrow.

Primary and neon tones dominate Diane’s installations. She delights in crafting single rooms or an entire residence. If you seek an energizing place, you’ll find it with Diane’s work. She decorated the entirety of her bright airy home from floor to ceiling. I was impressed by the energy that the paintings, furniture, and kitchen backsplash imbibed.

As a child she drew all the time. She grew up in Wisconsin, went to school in Duluth, lived in Florida and New York City. She worked for five years as an Intensive Care Unit nurse but the stress was overwhelming. Ms. Simon moved onto a career in retail sales and was not fulfilled or challenged. Art made her feel alive and she found praxis by painting large 50 x 75 inch canvases.

She has a bright smile and cheerful chuckle. The canvases evoke movement and complications that belie her quiet demeanor. Many of the pieces have splashes of black and white paint layered on top. Her more traditional abstract paintings deal with social and political themes. Golden Paints is her exclusive source of hue. www.goldenpaints.com

Art Wrx By Dyne Gallery is open by appointment and during St. Paul Art Crawls in the Northwestern Building located at 275 East 4th Street, Suite 480, Saint Paul, MN 55101. Call 651-235-4200 for information. Ms. Simon won the “Ima Best in Show” award for her display at the 2011 Fall St. Paul Art Crawl. Read the review posted on October 24th, 2011.

Photo features interior design by Diane Simon. Sorry, there is an issue with the download which I will strive to resolve.

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