Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Try, try again is the old adage. My hair turned shiny white about ten years ago. I don’t mind but I do feel irritated that people presume that I am 65 years old since I’m 40-something. Last month I tried to color my hair back to a light blonde but the result was negligible. There was a slight blonde sheen to my hair.

My neighbor, Sandy, is a professional cosmotologist. Actually, many members of her family are hair-follicle inclined since both her brother and brother-in-law own barber shops. She has been kind enough to cut my hair for $10 during my unemployment. I also let her park in my driveway during snow emergencies. When she learned of my attempt at color she offered to assist. She was afraid that I would miss a spot and have a white streak amid the new tone. Sandy instructed me to purchase a light golden brown kit.

I procured Clairol’s Nice’N Easy Natural Lightest Golden Brown ll4A. She came over and applied the hue. I made her a cup of tea and we chatted for a half an hour waiting for the dye to take hold. It didn’t smell too horrible but the cats avoided the kitchen. I rinsed out the goo and was surprised when I looked in the mirror. The result was a light red tone. Thankfully, it goes well with my pale coloring. My original honey blonde hair had natural red highlights. However, it is a rather flat dull hue. I’m not sure if I should let it be or make an attempt at a darker color. Sandy said that it should wash out to a strawberry blonde tone. My dad had red hair as a child and my grandniece has beautiful red-gold hair.

I will have to decide before interview #18 since I didn’t get a good vibe from #17. I’m only coloring my hair to get a job. I have no desire to keep up the ruse after I become employed. It’s just stupid that people make assumptions about white hair. Alas, I berated hair related discrimination in my last column about this topic on December 22nd, 2011.

The power of red.
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