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After viewing the fabulous work of hundreds of talented artists I have selected a few to highlight. Several “Ima Best” awarded artists will be interviewed in a series of articles entitled, “Artist Illumination.” Alison Price was featured on January 9th and look for more in the future.

The artists listed represent perhaps one percent of the imaginative folks that I surveyed at three crawls and two fairs in the Twin Cities area during 2011. Amalgamated directory alphabetized by artist. All are wonderfully creative so please contact for details regarding their current work for sale and commissions. Let the artist know that you read about them in this blog. Suggestions to improve art crawls posted on December 5th, 2011.

* Abbi A. Allan paints dreamy images of goldfish and sculpts frilly ceramic bowls that mimic the flowing tails of the fish
* Tom Ashworth specializes in humorous black walnut characters from an alternate universe with a surprising mix of attachments He will have a booth at the 2012 Powderhorn Art Fair.
* Katherine Clayton makes unique cement basins, printed floorcloth rugs, stunning kelpie horse paintings, clothing, and grows plants
* Alison Price’s paintings explode off the wall. They are neon bright with swooping movements
* Diane Simon specializes in big bold paintings and brassy accessories 651-235-4200

* Lisa Jaster is a role model of community involvement, friendly, offers a superb caloric spread at art crawls, and takes memorable photographs

* Nicole Fierce offers yummy food to nosh and creates fantastic glasswork, earrings and photographs

* Hannah Albert’s Japanese woodblock inspired series is fabulous. She blends the outline of a photo with color resulting in amazing flow
* Beth Barron creates splendid fabric art
* Watch where you are walking or at least see beauty revealed in manhole covers Mark Barsness at
* Jeff & Darlene Dawald make fine art jewelry with personality. Gorgeous silver smithing, animals and shapes with fun designs
* Linda Day’s clay makes you smile. Interesting interpretations of cups, teapots, clocks, and other objects with silly illustrations
* Susan Elnora captures skulls and bones with her jewelry
* Stunning aurora borealis and funky jewelry are Marla Gamble’s forte 651-224-6711
* Timothy Granlund is a skilled wood artisan and cabinet-maker
* Karen Gustafson works in many forms but the sonographic prints are eerie
* Christina Habibi fantastical images open one's vision.
* Laura Hallen paints hyper flowers. They hum from the canvas
* Laura Holewa has a community of fun little bright clay monsters to scare away the ones in your closet
* Phil Holtan turns out attractive burl (berle) wood bowls and flower vases. Polished to a soft sheen
* Andrew Johnson makes quirky tableaus that look like small paintings until you notice that the various stitches appear like paint strokes

* Ochen Kaylan features bright starburst which appear like Hubble Space Telescope photos
* Kevin Kluever has a soothing zen-like approach to landscapes. The light is warm and the scenes are charming. Breathe deep and relax…
* Daron W. Krueger takes magnificent photos
* Caprice Kueffner Glaser builds and paints wood tableaus at
* Tino Lopez-Montoya sculpts Dia de los Muertos day-of-the-dead inspired canines
* Melvin McGee is a graphic artist who paints busy worlds with capricious animals in vivid tones
* Calm meditative landscapes are painted by Tom McGregor
* Andrea Martin snips out intricate hand cut paper art. Bugs can be beautiful
* Marisa Martinez incorporates cool beads and mini glass sculptures into jewelry
* Robin Mueller molds quirky animal sculptures
* Jackson Mwaura is a skilled soapstone sculptor. He carves common human forms, funny animals and a profoundly cute painted hippo
* E. Alejandro Ortega’s custom leatherwork smelled wonderful. He details masks, animals, swords, shields, and sheaths
* DeAnne L. Parks artwork is quite ingenious and dream-like
* Julie Peterson & Sara Ruhnow adhere cool mosaics using buttons, marbles and several types of medium
* Margaret Pezalla builds funky three-dimensional architectural imaginations and paints meteorite studies
* Fairies would approve of jewelry fashioned by Amy Purdes

* Nancy Reyner’s waves feel like they are about to crash upon you
* Sylvia A. Roman haunting ghostly images of the veiled prairie
* Demetra Saloutos offers a wide selection. She welds eccentric vine trellis and bird watering bowls with a labyrinth 608-873-1842
* Moody ominous storm cloud paintings don’t match the sunny personality of Jamie Lauler Solberg
* Adama Sow sculpts bright rainbow colored bowls and neat ceramic colanders
* Sarah Thornton’s paint-by-number approach to animal portraits is charming
* Andree Tracey makes collages. Her fifties fashionista series is quite delightful
* Steampunk fans will enjoy the work of Michael L. Treat. Excellent imagination and miniaturization skills
* Mary Rose Van Popperin paints lovely landscape watercolors and quirky folkart pet portraits 612-670-0661
* Brian VanVoorst’s exquisite watercolors look like batik over photographs
* Wallace and Anita White are talented siblings. They each have their own style. Wallace has a childlike naiveté as a folk artist, very evocative work. Anita works in myriad mediums to create flower and nature images
* Flowing fabric falls into woven masterpieces by Sara E. Williams

I felt honored to attend and review these events posted:
Art-A-Whirl on June 23rd, 2011
Highland Fest & Art Fair on August 5th, 2011
LOLA Art Crawl on September 21st, 2011
Powderhorn Art Fair on August 25th, 2011
St. Paul Art Crawl on October 24th, 2011
Art Crawl Improvement Suggestions on December 5th, 2011

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