Thursday, January 3, 2013


Rejected once again. I really wanted that job, it would have been challenging, offered the opportunity for advancement, and the pay was terrific. Instead, I get a cold email stating that they had filled the position. I began to cry. It hurts to be rejected over and over and over again. I have been searching for employment for so damn long. My self-confidence is eroding along with my savings account.

My finances are so tight that I am anxious that I won’t be able to pay my mortgage. I don’t buy anything beyond absolute necessities. I have cancelled memberships, subscriptions to the newspaper and magazines, and ceased purchasing health care. I subsisted on my garden produce this summer and now I rely upon the generosity of the food shelf. Auto and home repairs are delayed along with dental work. I applied for Energy Assistance to help with home heating bills, though their budget has been cut so the aide will be pittance. I keep the house at 58 degrees. The darn cats refuse to work and expect me to take care of them.

Part time work with lousy pay doesn’t cover the bills. Nickeled and dimed into poverty. It takes so much time to search for a job and go on interviews. Terrified of getting injured or ill. No back up from family. I’m on my own. Normally, I prefer to be independent but now I’m a scared. The fear brings a lot of stress and insomnia. A friend has offered to lend me some money but loans ruin relationships. I don’t want to risk our friendship because of my prolonged underemployment. I have been accessing what I can sell. I have a few collections that have sentimental value but I have to push that emotion aside and seek monetary value.

Seeking full-time job with benefits in the Twin Cities, MN area. College educated with experience in program management, human resources, marketing, and training. Skills in communications, emergency response and disaster management. All referrals greatly appreciated.

If you wish to help financially, please send your gift to Thank you ever so much!!

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