Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Enjoying a lovely summer’s day I was sitting on the porch, reading, and sipping water when little Miss Destruction waltzed into the peace. She decided to play with the newspaper that I had discarded on the couch. Not unusual, she is a cat. However, she was scrambling under the pages, jumping, tumbling, and thumping about so intensely that she overturned my water glass. Oh, kitty I cried. Tilly looked on wondering why I was messing up her play area as I threw the newspaper on the water in an attempt to soak it up before it ran the length of the porch.

She commenced to saunter nonchalantly through the puddles as I was mopping them up. She also drank some of the spilled fluid. Most felines do like moving water. Thankfully, the glass did not shatter but it did break up my relaxation time. I had to rush into the house, procure rags, wipe up the water off the painted floor, and move around the floor mat so it would not get drenched.

After cleaning the disarray I acquired more water and began reading again. Tilly decided to walk on me, which is typical behavior that I sadly tolerate. She then plopped down and began to purr. I forgave all her transgressions as she fell asleep. It was impossible to read the book while cradling eight and a half pounds of trouble. Oh, how you use and abuse me! I permit it with full knowledge too.

I may hold her “captive” but she also knows how to manipulate the situation to her full advantage. Silly kitty. I am your pawn. I feel bad when you cry and guilty when I tell you no. I’d be a terrible parent to a human child if I am unable to tame a domesticated feline.

Putty in her paw.
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