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Cereal, not the kind that you consume for breakfast but the homonym. Serial vs. series: each offers a different method for authors to continue the adventures of their main character(s). Serials tend to be stand-alone plots that develop the main character but do not always include a clear “big picture” or overarching storyline. Oftentimes, it involves law enforcement, private detectives, or lawyers.

Successful books of either type offer a problem and resolution within each novel. The conflict may or may not directly feed into the “super” story in a saga but continue to develop the characters. Unsuccessful series chop the overarching story into segments so that you can’t read just one novel and have a clear understanding of what is occurring. Science fiction often falls into the badly cleaved storyline mode. Nevertheless, I continue to peruse the creation of authors.

Necessary Evil by Ian Tregillis Three Worms
Prologue is creepy but enticing. Quagmire develops in first chapters until the story becomes clear. Good solid writing but it doesn’t resolve how the “elder” sustained himself financially. Third book in a series. Title mentioned too many times in the book.

Shattered Pillars by Elizabeth Bear Two and Half Worms
Second book in a series that does not provide adequate summary of the prequel. Story jumps around from character to character within the same chapter. Beautiful imagery pepper the novel, the author should publish poetry.

Order of Darkness by Philippa Gregory Two Worms
Very little character development and minimal plot. Didn’t explain the series efficiently. The woodcut artwork was very nice with some historical references. Book Two of a series.

Fuse by Julianna Baggott Two Worms
Continuation of a series does not sufficiently explain the previous volumes. The text is convoluted and difficult to follow with people who have had their names changed. Took a long time to clarify what was happening and then it ended abruptly. There is good storytelling but it’s an unsatisfying science fiction tale.

Deadly Devotion by Sandra Orchard Two Worms
Romance murder mystery with an obvious plot. Interesting to weave in homeopathic remedies into the story. Faith references were a distraction. First book of a series.

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