Sunday, September 8, 2013


My boss was out for a vacation. Yeah! Actually, he’s an extremely laid back non-confrontational person. It’s nice to work for someone who doesn’t micromanage but he can be too vague at times. My hours had just increased and the pay per hour by a tiny amount. Our department moved offices in the building. I was assigned a small office with a door and a window. Hip-hip-hooray!

I had endured over a year in a cramped office with a loud office-mate, Holly. Holly is in her 60s and has been working at the nonprofit for a long time. She is the social center of the organization. Everyone seeks her approval and advice, even the Executive Director. Holly is nice but chatty. She would hold court in the office and it was impossible for me to work at my desk with all the noise. We usually worked different shifts so it wasn’t too horrible most of the time.

Holly adored the person whom I replaced. Sandy was a perky 20-something and I cannot compete. I am “too formal” for Holly. Sandy is returning to our department after being gone for over a year. She is sliding into a new position that is technically at the same level as mine. I suspect it will be more hours and more pay. I wasn’t even told about the job, let alone provided the opportunity to interview for it. I am rather pissed off. I was not impressed by the work that she had done. She didn’t leave paper or computer files and I had to start from scratch. Intentional sabotage or unprofessionalism? I know that Holly loves Sandy and obviously our boss was bold enough to lure her back to the agency. I hope for the best but fear that her presence will cause problems for me.

I was happy to move into a nicer office space, increased pay, but disappointed that the pay is not enough to cover my bills. I am still bleeding financially every month and must continue to seek services for low-income. Ironically, I refer our “needy” clients to the same services. Due to the move our phones lagged because a technician had to come in and change them around. Holly was supposed to retrieve our boss’ messages and call back the clients. After two days she hadn’t done it at all and one irate client called the Executive Director to complain. I got in trouble for Holly’s lack of work. She finally called the person and smoothed out the problem. I had to devote a lot of time checking messages and responding to clients that she should have called. I am already stressed trying to do my job without having to add on her responsibilities. Yet another reason to get the hell out of that office. I need a well-paying meaningful full-time job with great benefits in the Twin Cities now!

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