Sunday, December 1, 2013


Support your local artist by purchasing their creations! Art Mob Twin Cities MN focuses on connecting patrons (you) with creative entrepreneurs (artists). You are cordially invited to join us at: Peruse our events page for the most recent update of activities in the area. Please encourage your Facebook Friends to join us, too.

When you buy local art, you assist the local economy. Local artists usually obtain materials for their artwork from other local merchants so your money gets recycled back into the community. Another plus is the cost. I was recently speaking with a well-established gallery owner who has seen an increase in “serious collectors” from the Coast (New York City, Los Angeles, etc) and international arts aficionados coming to the Twin Cities area. They are venturing here to add to their collected works because a comparable piece of artwork is three times more expensive on the Coast. Thus, you save 60+% by buying artwork made by Twin Cities artists! Much better than special deals and discount coupons available for Cyber Monday!

Choose to be unique rather then procuring a one of a million mass-produced item available at a national chain novelty or department store. If you are a fan of PBS’s Antique Road Show you have observed a pattern of people being surprised by the value of artwork. Buy locally-fashioned artwork as a gift for yourself and others. With advance notice, the artist can customize artwork to meet your needs for color, shape, and other design elements. Chat with the artist to discuss timeline and price. You don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to commission artwork.

There are dozens of art-buying events listed on the Art Mob Twin Cities MN events page on Facebook. More are added every week. Please note that I am coordinating the group as an unpaid volunteer. It is my civic duty to assist others and I saw a need for this type of group.

Buy Local Art!
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