Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Dear Reader,
This entry marks the four-hundredth posting for this blog. I am utterly shocked that I have that much to say and deeply honored that you are interested in reading. However, I respectfully request that you aid a financially struggling wordsmith. Moi!

I work a low-paying three-quarters time job that does not surpass the monthly bills, even though I live a very frugal lifestyle. Hit in June 2009 with a lay-off and struggled with unemployment and underemployment ever since. Despite having many years of experience and a college degree I have yet to be hired at a job that pays adequately. I have applied for hundreds of positions and been on myriad interviews. I stopped counting because it was too depressing and angst causing.

Blogging is a joyful experience but I respectfully request for a gift this season. If this blog has brought you information or emotion, please make a donation to the Adopt An Ima cause. Zozo and Tilly, the cats, will also benefit from your generosity. They both need a visit to the veterinarian, and vaccinations. They suffering from a skin malady, which causes scabs, and I have been flummoxed with the cause or cure. Plus, I need two tires for my 14-year-old auto and to pay off medical bills. Though I only procure absolute necessities, my reserves have dwindled down to the critical stage. I soon shall run into default, unless you assist.

I actively volunteer in the community, seek to publish an entertaining and informative blog, and support causes on my Facebook account. I coordinate the Art Mob Twin Cities MN group, which promotes local artists. I also guide the Petition to Establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the USA group, which advocates for the creation of a council to focus on healing the wounds caused by Native American Indian Boarding Schools.

Thank you kindly for your time and consideration of this blatant appeal. I greatly appreciate any gift that you can make. I promise double the gift and make donations to 501(c)3 nonprofit non-governmental charities as soon as I am able.

Donation site: www.gofundme.com/Ima-B-Musing

PS You can donate to another person up to $14,000 per year without the recipient having to pay taxes on the gift.

Happy Holidays!
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