Sunday, December 29, 2013


Tilly, my sweet babu, is a three and a half year old silly kitty. Very energetic, interactive, and cuddly. All was fine as she went to bed one night during the holiday break but the next morning she was having some trouble breathing. It sounded like a hairball. Sometimes it takes a couple hours for the clump of fur to be vomited out so I wasn’t worried. I ran a few errands and came home a few hours later and she still wasn’t breathing well.

I was concerned and called our regular veterinarian clinic. Of course, they didn’t have any more appointments that day so I had to take her to emergency care. They could not figure out what was wrong and had to perform an x-ray. Sadly, it showed a diaphragmatic hernia. A tear occurred in her diaphragm and her stomach moved up above the diaphragm and into the chest cavity. The stomach had a lot of air/gas in it and that is why she had trouble breathing. The doctor said that since Tilly hadn’t been in a traumatic accident, it was probably congenital.

I began to cry. It has been only a couple months since my Mother died and the cats have provided a lot of comfort to me as I mourn. The thought of losing a dear animal companion is just too much. Tilly is young and healthy, she should not have to suffer or die. There wasn’t very much that could be done so they sent her home with me. No stairs and only small meals. It cost $280.25 for the bad news.

Tilly ate a small amount of wet food that evening, Saturday (Day 1). I was so upset that I could not eat. I made sure that she had a warm soft place to sleep. Zozo kept hissing at Tilly so I kept them separated. I couldn’t sleep so I got up several times during the night to check on Tilly. The morning of Sunday, Day 2 her breathing was a bit worse and she refused to eat or drink water. I called the vet and took her in. They took another x-ray, administered oxygen & fluids, and recommended an emergency operation. I had to agree.

They brought her into a small room so that I could spend some time with her before surgery. The fluids and oxygen had perked her up but she still had labored breathing and never purred. More tears. I began to sob. Fear for her and fear about paying the bill. The estimated cost is $2,474 – if all goes well. The diagnosis and procedure will wipe out my merger checking account. I’m not earning enough to pay my bills already (yes, I am ardently seeking other employment). I am panicked and frightened.

Please consider contributing towards Tilly’s bills, which will total approximately $2,754. Any donation would be greatly appreciated. Send it to the account set up as the “Ima B. Musing Fund” at I will keep you posted about to her progress.

Day 3 (Monday, Dec 30) update: She made it through surgery and is still in recovery. Tear in the diaphragm allowed the stomach and spleen to enter the chest cavity. She could have died if we waited... I'm still not sleeping well. Visited her before I went to work and afterwards. 24 hours after surgery she was still running a slight fever so they wanted to keep her for another day.

Day 4 (Tuesday, Dec 31) update: Tilly is walking around and purring. IV has been taken out but they gave her some fluids subcutaneously (under the skin behind her shoulder blades). She is urinating but not very interested in food. I visited her before work and gave a hug to the vet surgeon who saved Tilly's life. I will pick up Tilly after work and skip New Years Eve festivities. Darn cold weather so glad that it is only a short drive home.

Thank you again for sending positive thoughts and donations to Tilly! Please share with your friends, family, and network of fellow animal pet lovers. After I procure a better paying job I will double the amount donated and pass it onto a nonprofit charitable NGO which assists animals.

Thank you kindly! (Photo is of Tilly)
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