Saturday, December 14, 2013


Dreadfully worried about the cat’s continued dermatological issues. They both have scabs and obviously are suffering from the itchy nature of the irritation. Zozo tore out a small section of fur on her stomach and Tilly has crusty nodules scattered throughout her body. First, I returned them to the old cat food and old litter but to no avail. Their behavior has not altered and they continue to eat and drink. The second attempt at a cure was adding a half a tablet of L-lysine to their diet. I ground it in a mortar & pestle and mixed it in with wet food, which they love. After two weeks there was no difference.

Since I am a member of the “working poor” I can’t afford to buy anything more than absolute necessities. Thus, I haven’t brought new items into the home. The only change is a subscription the Star Tribune newspaper. It was extremely cheap at $15 for six months and I do love to read the Sunday edition while sipping tea. I usually toss the newspaper on the floor because the cats like to jump, play on and under it. Perhaps the newsprint is bothering their skin. My third try at a cure was gathering up all the sheets and placing them in the shed. I will use them to cover the garden as mulch in the spring. Unfortunately, it didn’t bring about healthy skin.

I consulted several websites and spoke with a Veterinarian Technologist. As a result, my fourth endeavor was to add a half a tablet of fish oil/omega-3 and a half tablet of anti-histamine (loratadine) to their wet food twice per day. It seemed to reduce their itching. Zozo’s stomach rash has subsided but Tilly has not improved. I don’t want to over-tax their wee bodies with medication. I’d be crushed if I inadvertently harmed them.

The next step is to place an Elizabethan collar on each cat. It will stop them from excessive chewing and licking but make them miserable. Zozo had to wear one for four months while recuperating from leg surgery several years ago. It took her a long time to forgive me. However, I will do it if required. Tilly's anal glands now appear to be blocked, I don't know how to clear them out so I will also have to find a super cheap veterinarian. I can’t afford $200+ for a two-cat visit, plus tests, plus medications. However, I feel terrible that they must suffer from my poverty. Felines are a luxury, which I could afford when I was paid properly. However, they really help my mental health and would be emotionally crushed if I had to get rid of them.

Heal my sweeties!
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