Thursday, December 19, 2013


The joy of reading was temporarily extinguished by grief. I have begun to read again but it takes a lot to concentrate on the content.

Jewelweed by David Rhodes Four Worms
Another gem of a novel by a talented author. Exquisite prose describing the nuances and internal explorations of the characters. Jumped around a bit too much and sometimes it wasn’t clear which character was being described. Some continuity gaps, disturbing element, and surrealistic touch detracted from this amazing tome.

The Asylum by John Harwood Three Worms
Complicated and confusing story with a creepiness factor but well written. Needed one more chapter to expand the fate of the main characters.

The Book of Someday by Dianne Dixon Two and a Half Worms
Potential lost by leaping through time, too many information gaps, and a vague ending. Imagery included smells, which many authors forget. Predictably, all the central characters were beautiful and had fabulous sexual encounters.

My Education by Susan Choi Two Worms
First half of the book is preoccupied with sexual relations. Beautiful prose is sullied with gaps in time and story continuity. Narrator defines herself by relations with others and completely dismisses self-development as a singleton.

Once A Spy by Keith Thomson Two Worms
Mystery with a whole bunch of murder. Implausible for a human can sustain for such a long period without adequate sleep, food, and water. Plus, physical degradation accompanies dementia. Too many leaps of logic for believability.

Never stop learning.
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