Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Firefly by Janette Jenkins Three and Half Worms
Fictional tale about Noel Coward. Lots of swearing and reminiscences can be a bit difficult to follow. The novel was a delightfully naughty read.

Pandemic by Scott Sigler Three and Half Worms
Continuation of a series. Reads like an action movie with scientists who save the world from a form of zombies. A sailor with an autoimmune disorder would have been discharged and not permitted to be on active duty. Alcohol is strictly forbidden on Navy ships. Besides those two issues, the book was well written.

Equilateral by Ken Kalfus Three Worms
Steampunk fantasy of epic proportion. Well written but there is nary a single person of diversity which can be esteemed, which is disappointing.

By Blood We Live by Glen Duncan Two and a Half Worms
Continuation of a vampire and werewolf series. Blood, gore and violent sex interspersed with beautiful descriptions. Choppy dialogue and logic problems needed more back-story. Why do male authors assume that females are as obsessed about sex as they are?

The Infatuations by Javier Marias Two and a Half Worms
Good insight about grief and love overshadowed by babbling, foreshadowing, and apathy. Tighter editing would of helped. [Translated]
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