Saturday, March 8, 2014


Part II of the Sickly Chronicles (Part I published on March 2nd)
Slowly drove to work on Monday due to the snow. My symptoms are less but several people in the office are now ill. I presume that they all blame me. Draining to shovel on Monday, clean out the end of the driveway after snowplows on Tuesday, and rake the roof on Wednesday. Feeling a bit better every day, though the occasional phlegm attack and congestion continue. Opted out of evening plans due to fatigue. At least my voice is becoming less scratchy.

Nasty snowstorm was forecast for Thursday so I opted to stay home and go in on Friday instead. Alas, I should have gone in then because we were deluged with ten inches of snow. It wasn’t safe to drive on Friday and I called in ill. I spent two hours removing snow with my pathetic snow-blower. Thankfully, a neighbor with a huge snow-blower removed the cement-like snow pushed in by the snowplow. Raked the roof on Saturday, which was also exhausting. I had originally planned to visit my Dad but glad that I stayed home. Ran out of books to read, no videos from the library, and nothing on regular TV. I began calling friends to fill my time.

Saturday night I attempted to sleep lying down for the first time in two weeks. I only coughed a few times, which was followed by blowing of the nose but it was great. I slept a lot better than when I was propped up by pillows. Sunday I had enough energy to clean. A friend of mine requested that I host a party but I declined because I can’t handle the stress right now.

Fourteen days of suffering is quite enough but it continued. The phlegm and congestion lessened a wee bit every day. Of course, I suffered a coughing spat during an interview. I hope that doesn’t count against me. The prolonged cold dry weather, via the Polar Vortex, probably extended my symptoms. I was feeling crabby and exhausted so I cancelled more plans and hibernated at home. At day 23 I finally felt better.

Cough into your elbow!
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