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Cable tv offers several Ghost Hunting shows comprised of pure folly. The host waltzes around with a camera crew and scares off any legitimate entity. It’s more of a psychological drama with an overlay of music so you can’t hear anything. A modern version of the 1800s parlor séances with faux spiritualists. I’ve discussed ghosts previously on this blog.

As I have stated before, most reported hauntings are logically explained to not paranormal. Of the .01% remaining, the vast majority are electromagnetic (EM) imprints with no intelligent spirit involved, more like a few seconds of silent film flickering. A space-time continuum event. Of the tiny remainder, .001% perhaps a legitimate ghost or spirit is involved but it is usually neutral. Positive or negative entities are extraordinarily rare. I don’t believe in angels or demons since that would involve believing in “God and Devil.” If an intelligent superior being(s) exist, it is one being not separated into ubiquitous Good verses Evil. Just as sentient beings are capable of both good and bad deeds, it would be both. I do believe in a soul but who knows where it goes after the body ceases to function.

To detect a real spirit, you have to be quiet and calm. Otherwise, you interfere with the EM imprint. Walking around and shouting isn’t going to draw out an entity. I am sensitive to EM fields and seen some interesting shadows. Besides nasty Ouija Boards, I’ve only encountered one that frightened me (poltergeist in a friend’s home located in an old barn). Perhaps positive shadows aren’t as noticeable.

A long time ago at my friend Teddy’s house, we saw flashing lights in the ceiling of the basement (no wiring was in that area) and heard a strange sound. We went upstairs and a cold breeze came through the room even though it was 75 degrees with no open windows. His family had lights go on and off, odd music, voices in the house for years. It was probably a temporary wormhole that brought the sounds of another era to the house. They haven’t seen or heard anything for twenty years. I wonder if the wormhole was two-way, could the people in the past hear the noises of the present? Perhaps they thought the house was haunted, too. A space-time conundrum with no resolution.

The creepiest episode was at Vijay’s home. He had just moved in and I was sitting on the couch. I saw the cushion sink down and felt a weight on my arm. I asked Vijay what was going on. He said that it was the ghost dog that still lived there. I was totally creeped out. The ghost dog played with his living dog for years. After he got a second living dog the ghost dog went away. When we took a tour I told him that there was an elderly women in the upstairs East bedroom, he grimly smiled. She didn’t want to leave after 60 years. She would take the new occupant’s scissors and move them into her sewing room and move medication into the bathroom. The living residents became accustomed to her antics but had to acknowledge her to the realtor when they were selling the home. Truth in selling principal. It took them a long time to find someone willing to buy a nice house with a benign ghost resident.

Thump in the night.
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