Sunday, March 2, 2014


Cough, cough, cough, slight gag and out comes a bit of phlegm. Yuck! I have been suffering from a prolonged episode of the ubiquitous cold. I am diligent about washing my hands but somehow became exposed to this nasty virus. I cough out a bit of grossness and then have to blow my nose that sometimes triggers more hacking.

Thankfully, the sputum and snot are milky in hue. I don’t have an infection, which would be indicated by a yellow or green color. It is irritating to feel so tired. My stomach muscles ache from so much coughing. I can’t lay down because it leads to choking. I have had to prop myself up on pillows to sleep at night and it isn’t very comfie. I have been consuming an antihistamine to make sleeping easier. A mild headache comes and goes but one aspirin is enough to block the discomfort. An interesting side effect is experiencing no hot flashes.

I began to show symptoms on a Tuesday and by Wednesday I suspected that I had a cold. I knew on Thursday but the indicators weren’t too intense. However, I awoke with a full-blown illness on Friday. I had already scheduled to take the day off. Running a few errands were enough to exhaust me. I cancelled my weekend plans to rest. Silly cats refused to get me soup, hot tea, or fresh kleenexes.

I still felt horrid on another Polar Vortex vexed Monday so I called in ill. Shuffled to work on Tuesday and was exhausted by noon. I had an afternoon meeting to attend and my co-workers humiliated me because they insisted that I sit alone at the end of a table away from them. They would have been exposed the week before but are idiots when it comes to illness. I complied but felt rather angry.

Suffered through the week. Errands on Friday were tiring. No sweetheart for Valentine’s Day, which is depressing for various reasons. I had to work on Saturday and drive home in heavy snow, which is nerve-wracking. I cancelled my evening plans due to being worn out, still sniffling, and not wanting to drive on slippery roads. Felt a bit better on Sunday, cleaned some and had to shovel. Dreaded the forecast for snow overnight.

To be continued…

Wash your hands!
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