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Five worms is the highest rating but rarely attained.
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Pirate Queen four worms by Barbara Sjoholm. Focuses on her personal journey but has some interesting historical information regarding female pirates and fishing captains in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. Perhaps she will write another book about female mariners in the Pacific region.
The Stone Gods three and a half worms by Jeanette Winterson. The first half is a great scifi novel but the second half of the book is comprised of two short stories, which doesn’t mix very well. It would have been better to expand upon the science fiction story and published the other two separately.
Stalking Susan three worms by Julie Kramer. Interesting to read a novel which takes place in the community where I reside. Rather obvious who the killer is but entertaining.
Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit three worms by Jeannette Winterson. Slow start to the story but it picks up midway. There are some fabulous lines and paragraphs in the second half of the book.
Wicked Appetite two and a half worms by Janet Evanovich. Quick reading, a mystery adventure romance novel. Obviously, the first of a series focused on the seven “deadly” sins.
Metro Girl; and, Motor Mouth two worms by Janet Evanovich. Mystery adventure romance genre should have focused on Rosie who is by far the most interesting character. I wonder if the author receives incentive to promote specific products in her books. They just seem so obvious.
The Wilding two worms by Benjamin Percy. Didn’t tie up all the loose ends at conclusion, I presume that he will write a sequel. An interest in hunting (deer and bear) is advisable for the reader.
Troublemaker by Janet and Alex Evanovich. Graphic novel, which did not conclude the story line. Unfortunately, the Rosie character wasn’t given much time even though this was written after the first two books in the series.

I’ve read or watched on tv a lot of interviews with writers. The best writers strive to increase their knowledge about the subject and characters in their novel. They do extensive research, sometimes travel, and meet with myriad people. I have heard many female authors state how they interview men to learn more about male characters. I have never heard a male writer mention talking to women to be able to write about female characters. Perhaps that is why the majority of male writers are deplorable regarding their development of female characters. Sad but true.

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