Thursday, April 14, 2011


Destiny, kismet, pre-determined by a “Source” or whatever you call the activities of one’s life that seem to be decided upon by an outside entity. I wonder if fate exists or not. If fate does occur, then there is an intelligent being(s); we don’t know if the being is singular or plural, but it makes choices for each person. If they make some choices, why not make them all? Perhaps they are just messing with us. We are silly creatures who are funny to watch, like giving a dog peanut butter on its paw. The dog loves the treat but it takes a lot of licking to clean their fur and mouth.

Perhaps the activities of our lives are a hybrid. The supreme being(s) select options but we have to make the choice and live with the consequences. Maybe they did reside on our watery planet at some time (Hera-Zeus, Thor, and others around the world) but grew bored and departed. Maybe they died. I am sure that if they were nearby now they would make themselves known. The “god/goddess” stories sound like they liked attention. Perhaps a stronger “source power” thought that they were mucking up the human population and took them away.

If so-called supreme beings never existed, then humans constructed the myth of fate. It gives us comfort when life seems out of control. We can blame or bless some other entity for the day to day results. Miracles and luck are a part of fate. Otherwise, we have to take responsibility for every element of our life – the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly. That can be overwhelming and frightening at times.

I have experienced some things in my life that cannot be easily explained. Strange coincidences, synchronicities, and cascading challenges but I don’t know. No one knows. It may be a mystery forever. The idea of fate is fodder for religious exploration, philosophical debate and existentialism. What do you believe?

Fate or Personal Determinism?
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