Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Tuesday, April 5th
Appalled that Terry Jones a Gainesville, Florida pastor burned a Qur’an on March 20th. What an act of cowardice. If he were truly bold he would actually read what he disrespectfully incinerated and meet with local Islamic leaders. Perhaps he could find common ground since Islam, Judaism and Christianity share the same roots. His arrogance and stupidity has caused riots in Afghanistan and elsewhere. I am angry when people insult my faith but violence will never solve any problem.

As I stated in my posting of September 8th, 2010, expand your knowledge and read holy books of other faiths. I have read several and continue to explore by attending services. Gaining knowledge solidifies my belief system and I find that there are many similarities between religions. If you look at the content some of the stories, they are almost identical just the names, genders and places are different. Myriad rituals are nearly the same too since we all originate from the same tribe eons ago. Remember, no one religion is superior any other including agnosticism and atheism. Period. End of discussion.

Wednesday, April 6th
I hate looking for a map on the internet! Half the time the location is wrong and it takes forever to download the image. I tried to locate an address via Googlemaps and it would not take me to a plain old map it stayed with the photo “earth” image. How frustrating! I have an interview tomorrow and want to make certain that I am going to the correct location. The written directions are always wrong on Mapquest. If they can’t do it right, why do it at all???

A couple summers ago I was out watering the lawn at 6am when an odd van with something that looked like glassed in gun-turrets drove slowly by me. I was concerned enough to write down its license plate and call the cops. The switchboard person said that the vehicle had a permit to take photos. I didn’t think anything of it until a couple months later my neighbor told me to look for my photo on the Internet. I was not happy with the results posted on Googlemaps-earth. I had to hound them for nearly a year to remove my image. I’ve been stalked and threatened in the past so I’ve very protective out of necessity. That is why I use the moniker “Ima B. Musing.” I’m real but I just use a different name on-line to keep the creeps away. I have a Twitter and Facebook account, too! Please join me at all three.

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