Friday, April 1, 2011


Wednesday, March 30th
Disappointed to receive a “we are not filling the position” letter from the interview last week. The rejection letter also said to keep in touch so perhaps they liked me. It’s hard to tell if I am the only person who was encouraged or if that is standard protocol. Looking for a job is so disconcerting. I have sent out about 175 resumes and only had four in person interviews.

Growing concern about the nuclear issues in Japan. The company who owns the plant has not been honest about the facts. They are probably trying to “save face” but it’s too late for that and their actions are endangering people’s lives and livelihood. They need to be truthful with the government of Japan and bring in as much help as possible. The alternative could harm people and the environment for generations.

I admire the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Plant workers who have placed themselves in harm’s way to keep the situation from getting worse. My biggest praise is for the Tokyo and other firefighters who have journeyed outside their jurisdiction to help. Radiation poisoning is a horrid way to die. A paper mask will do little since you need a full respirator to make certain that the particles aren’t inhaled or ingested.

There are different types of radiation particles and the only way to be safe is time (don’t be there for very long), distance (get away from the source) and shielding (lead is a good barrier). I don’t know the exact type of particles that are radiating out so it’s best just to stay away. I don’t think that we’ll get much drift in the US but we are all citizens of this little watery planet. We haven’t found another place to live so we’d better treat it better than we have during the past couple hundred years.

Thursday, March 31st
Visited the food shelf. My cupboards are nearly bare and I don’t have funds to go out and purchase food. Fare For All is a great way to purchase food at an affordable price. Someday I’ll be able to be to donate again to Second Harvest Heartland. it is a wonderful organization. I need to lose weight but starvation is not a viable option.

April Fools Day
No one to fool with since the cats don’t understand humor. Sad to hear that Porky’s on University Avenue in St. Paul is closing. It is a fun greasy drive in. The food is tasty and lots of folks with fancy hotrods like to bring in their vehicle. Construction for the Central Corridor light rail line really limits traffic. Light rail will be great when it’s completed but hellish for the next two years. Perhaps they could set up a no-cost shuttle with stops to get people to and from businesses during constructon since parking is so limited.

The official unemployment numbers are down, which is terrific for all the people who were hired. Cloudy day. Struggling to stay optimistic. I will dutifully do a job search today and hope to find at least five positions that might be a fit. I suppose it is a waste of time to apply for jobs that I am overqualified for but I’m not as selective as I was six months ago. I need the basics of enough money, health benefits, and a positive environment.

I’m no fool.
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