Monday, April 4, 2011


Saturday, April 2nd
Changed out the litter for the cats. Two boxes of grossness. I cover the box with a plastic bag, place newspaper at the bottom and dump litter on top. I pour in about six cups of regular clay litter and then add about four cups of the clumping litter to each end of the box. I do this since the cats seem to pee in the corner and the clumping litter makes it easier to remove. I scoop the poop and pee clumps a couple times a week and add extra litter mid-way through the month. The cats are okay with this arrangement. Someday, I’d like to train them to use the toilet.

During the 35W Bridge Collapse response I was neglectful in changing the boxes because I was volunteering for 14-16 hours each day. I’d come home take a shower and go to bed. Poor cats. Momo pooped on the basement floor in protest but at least she peed in the drain. When I finally did get time to change the hideous boxes, Zozo started purring and rubbing against my legs because she was so happy.

Sunday, April 3rd
Monthly menstruation cycle began today. Quadruple ugh. Pain, mess, smell and low energy. I have been experiencing this discomfort since the age of nine. Not that I am seeking menopause but periods are unnecessary. I can get pregnant but can’t carry a child to full term due to a problem with my uterus. All I want to do is sleep.

Monday, April 4th
I was watching an interview with Chris Rock on ABCs Good Morning America a little after 8:30am today. He was talking about Charlie Sheen and the local channel 5 KSTP did a quick cut away to a man saying “Psycho” with an opera icon in the corner of the frame. What the heck was that? If someone purposely did it at ABC or KSTP, they should be reprimanded. Very unprofessional to say the least.

Yes, Mr. Sheen is obviously experiencing an Axis III psychotic break (mania and paranoia) but he should not be mocked. He is an ill person. Would you mock someone having a diabetic seizure? No. Whoever is responsible for it needs to apologize and educate themselves about mental illness. The National Alliance on Mental Illness has fact-based information at and there are many great local chapters. Minnesota has an exceptional chapter at with educational seminars and monthly meetings.

Quarter of the population has experienced mental illness.
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