Thursday, April 21, 2011


Alas, she is ending her talk show soon. I am bummed that I never attended a taping. Whenever I was in Chicago, either all the tickets were gone or the show wasn’t being filmed. Heavy sigh. During the first few years she would take questions from the audience and I loved it. Sometimes an audience member would be insightful or just plain silly.

As for celebrities, none are my kith, kin nor neighbors. They are just like everyone else and unless they have something inspirational to share, I just don’t care. Tom Shadyac was a good guest on April 20th but not everyone will have access to his movie. I hope he writes a book which will be widely distributed.

What are the multitudes to do with that extra hour each day? Perhaps they will dedicate at least an hour each week to service aka volunteering (five hours would be great but at least one hour is a start). Hopefully, Ms. Winfrey will continue to urge folks to help on an ongoing manner in their community. It they don’t have time, they should donate money or stuff.

I’ll miss Oprah, especially since I can’t afford cable/satellite to watch her network. I am certain that she and her employees will do well in their new endeavors. Best wishes to them all.

Dreading Oprah Show-withdrawal.
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