Monday, December 26, 2011


Please read the beginning part of this adventure that began on Day One posted December 19th and Day Two/Three posted on December 21st. This is the third and final entry.

Tillie was almost back to normal on the fourth day. I could tell that she was uncomfortable but the doctor advised against painkillers since she would probably overexert herself. Pain slows her down. If she were crying, I would definitely procure some pain medication. However, she would probably spit out the pills like Zozo.

I took off the boxes blocking the low jumps. Tillie quickly leapt on the warm radiator to sleep in the sunshine and look outside. I kept boxes on the tables in an attempt to keep her from high jumps and no stairs until the fifth day. Tillie was thrilled to be able to have access to the basement again. The wound looks okay but sore. She has been licking it but not excessively. I will continue to check it several times a day to make certain that she doesn’t open the wound or make it leak. The wound has an internal mound the size of a pinto bean but that is due to the suture glue they used instead of stitches.

I really ought to take her in for a check-up with my regular vet but I can’t afford the visit. She is playing with Zozo and running amok so I’m not too worried anymore. I’m sure her belly is chilly since the hair is so short. She is eating a lot to grow hair and heal. I’m relieved that she is okay and that there will be no more horny episodes to experience. I really didn’t like to have her butt in my face and neither did Zozo. I meant to get her operated upon over a year ago but delayed until I procured a job, heavy sigh.

Spaying or neutering is a necessity. A fully reproductive feline can produce 11 million offspring within nine years if they all survive and mate according to the Kindest Cut. ELEVEN MILLION CATS, wowza! I’ve never had to buy a kitten or cat because people willingly give them away. People constantly offer me cats but I decline since two critters at a time is adequate. Animal Humane Societies and other nonprofit shelters have an array of animals needing a home. I’ve been fortunate that all three have been mostly healthy. Momo didn’t get ill until the end of life, Zozo had leg issues at the age of one year but healed, and Tillie had the stomach upset this summer. Taking care of animals isn’t free but they give a lot in return. They certainly assist me with reducing anxiety and increasing amusement.

Oh, what we do for the furry bundles of love…
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