Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Please read about the operation day posted on December 19th, first.

Didn’t sleep very well. Aghast to discover that I had left the garage door open overnight. I felt panicked but thankfully nothing was stolen or harmed. I must have forgotten to close it as I was bringing Tillie into the house. I am surprised that none of my neighbors called to ask why it was open. Perhaps the cold night dissuaded prowling thieves. Tillie was much perkier and happy to be released from the bathroom. She was perplexed why all the chairs had been removed and boxes stacked on the places where she would normally jump. She scratched at the basement door. Zozo growled at her so I had to keep them separated. Tillie would shuffle backwards in hopes of dislodging the Elizabethan Collar and walked with a high step because she had the collar in her visual field. It was rather entertaining; I wish that I had a movie camera to film her antics.

I picked her up to sit with me on the couch. It was nice to cuddle with Tillie. She relaxed enough to sleep for a bit while I watched the morning news. Lowered her to the floor because she ought not be jumping. I felt a bit guilty to place her back into the bathroom while I ventured upstairs to the office to conduct job search. I reopened the basement door so that Zozo would have access to food and litter downstairs. She used Tillie’s box and food in the bathroom when the basement door was closed. I let Tillie out of the bathroom when I was downstairs but returned her when I had to leave for an evening gathering and bedtime.

Maintained this for 36 hours after the operation. On the second morning Tillie was a bit lethargic and had not gone to the bathroom. I decided to remove the collar. She immediately ran to the food and water bowl even though she was able to eat and drink with the collar on. Within one hour she utilized the litter box and was much happier. Not that I love the smell of cat poo but I glad that she was functional. I was worried that the gastrointestinal tract trouble of this summer had returned.

Zozo continued to hiss at Tillie. I kept them separated when I was gone or upstairs. I didn’t want them to get into a tussle and the incision site harmed. The Kindest Cut staff said that she needed to remain as quiet as possible for at least five days. Difficult to contain a cat since I probably should not duct-tape her to the floor. She was very tired and likes to sleep with her body under the blanket and her head just below my chin. I am her recovery mattress.

Sleep, sleep, perchance to dream.
© 2011 Ima B. Musing

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