Monday, December 12, 2011


Dear Mr. Kringle,
All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. Actually, I seek a full-time job with benefits so that I can afford to have my two front teeth crowned. I have temporary caps right now and one chipped last year so it looks horrible. I cannot afford to get it fixed until I procure employment.

I don’t expect the perfect position, just one that pays enough to cover the bills. I would like to do a job that I am good at and enjoy but I’m willing to do almost anything. I would like a nice boss who doesn’t micromanage and co-workers who are nice. It would be most amenable to be within ten miles of home, on a bus line, or within walking distance of home. A real office with a door would be a treat since I don’t do very well in a cube.

I live a very modest life (no cable, 12 year old car, no smart phone, etc). I don’t get a thrill from the acquisition of stuff. I need dental and health care insurance because it is blasted expensive to procure on my own ($279 per month with no vision coverage). I desperately need new eyeglasses because my old ones are scratched and blurry due to aging eyes.

The cats need checkups, vaccinations, and Tillie spayed. The house requires electrical and plumbing updates. Two lights aren’t functioning and some of the wiring is very old and must be replaced. The shower isn’t working, the bathtub leaks, and two faucets drip. The piping is steel and has buildup inside. The front walkway has crumbled. The basement floods easily so it needs trench drains. Lots of preservation is desired for this nearly 100-year-old abode. I want to pay for all these repairs by working.

I’ve been a good person and diligently sought a job. I’ve sent out 368 applications and been on 16 interviews, thus far. I network as much as possible. I volunteer regularly to help others and gave vegetables from my garden to others. I helped two neighbors with designing and seeding their own native perennial yards. I’ve provided a lot of free babysitting for friends and consulting work. I strive to better my community.

Thank you for your time and contemplation of this request.

Safe travels,

Believe in hope.
© 2011 Ima B. Musing

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