Friday, August 30, 2013


Swear, swear, swear! I had endured the embarrassing and painful colposcopy procedure (see posting on July 6th) only to learn that the results were inconclusive. As a result, I had to procure Misoprostol medication, Cytotec is used to “relax” the cervix. I had to insert two pills into my vagina 24 hours and 12 hours before the procedure. The pills are round so they are painful to jam in and its gross to have to use my finger. I wish it were available in a cream form, like what is used for yeast infection. The medication is also prescribed for abortions but no chance of that due to lack of sex. Oddly, the same drug is used orally to treat ulcers.

The pills gave me cramps, which Aspirin was enough to squelch. The same doctor performed the procedure and she apologized for the mistake made last time. She added a Para-cervical Block, which washes Lydocaine over the cervical area. It numbed up the region and I barely felt the poke. She was confident that it reduced my muscle tension along with the medication so that the sample was good. I sure as hell hope so. I never never never never never never never ever want to endure that procedure again!

I took Tramadol two hours before the procedure to numb the cramps in advance. The community clinic is within walking distance of work. I wasn’t too loopy at work. The medication had worn off in the afternoon so cramps were uncomfortable as I departed work. The pain became awful so I took another pill when I got home and fell asleep on the couch. Consumed one more pain murderer before bedtime so that I could sleep. Sadly, the Cytotec medication triggered my menstruation. I spent almost $130.00 at the community clinic, which raised my financial fears. I wish that the Sage Program covered the cost of the procedures, lab tests, and medications.

If you or someone you know needs to have a Colposcopy (cervical biopsy), make certain that a Para-Cervical Block with Lydocaine is included. It will reduce the tears. I had to wait over a week to get the results of the second test. Good news, the tiny sample did not indicate “abnormal cell growth” aka cancer. Bad news, because the sample was so small the doctor recommended that I endure an ultrasound and D & C procedure.

Really bad news, it costs a lot like $500, which I cannot afford. My highest priority is to pay my mortgage, monthly bills, and my auto needs brakes and tires. My cervix and uterus will have to wait until I get a better paying job. The doctor suspects polyps or fibrosis and that would lead to a hysterectomy. I absolutely cannot pay for that surgery. Getting older can really suck sometimes.

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