Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Digital TV is a disaster. Usually one or two channels aren’t coming in – even though the antenna has not been moved. Cars driving by interrupt the signal and create a pixilated image. I don’t know if it is because the digital image is so fragile or because of the weak electro-magnetic field that autos create when they move. Trucks can completely wipe out the image and I get a blank screen. I know that it is worse during the winter with snow on the ground. I’ve had snow since November so it’s been many months of horrid reception. A fast moving train on a track a couple blocks from my house causes disruption, too.

There are usually white stripes throughout the image, regardless of the location of the antenna. I paid $25 for the converter box (with the coupon) and another $30 for a new antenna. It is nice to have a couple more channels but frustrating when there is no reception or interference makes it impossible to see or hear the image. Oftentimes the voice does not synchronize with the picture. I have learned to turn the box off and on again to “reboot” the signal. Otherwise, I will turn the closed caption "On" to improve reception. If it still doesn’t create a good image or there is no sound, I just turn off the tv and walk away. I don’t understand why network tv conglomerates like ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, or NBC don’t try to correct these problems because it hurts viewer-ship and revenue.

I can’t afford cable, satellite, or a new digital tv set. It would cost several hundred dollars to procure a digital antenna and have it mounted on the roof of my home. Plus, an unsightly cord dangling alongside the house and extra holes in the roof. Analogue was a much more reliable signal.

Nostalgic for analogue.

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